New Balance Furon 4.0 Otruska

In 2018, shortly before the start of the World Cup, the American brand New Balance introduced to the public a new line of boots called Otruska. According to the manufacturers themselves, creating it, they were inspired by the culture of Russia, not just football, they studied the country’s fashion, music, architecture. In parallel with the inspiration, the mythological two-headed dog Ortros, described as an indomitable and ferocious beast, became.

The best technologies and materials made it possible to create centipedes of a comfortable fit, perfectly controlling the ball. Bowl in the heel and soft insert provide protection against injuries during intense play. The Furon 4.0 version is tailored specifically for the forward speed technique. So, at the World Championships, the Liverpool club player, Sadio Mane, entered the field with these boots and scored a goal for the opponent. The lineup also has sizes for teenagers, so Furon 4.0 can be a great gift for a child involved in football.