Semi-professional lightweight boots, weighing only 157 grams, are made from microfiber, which is well-permeable to air. The outer part of the sole is made of high-quality rubber with a level of abrasion DIN 40, different densities in separate sections using Unique Light Technology technology – such a competent move guarantees flexibility and durability of the boots. A tight heel and a moderately firm backdrop clearly fix the position of the foot, supporting the ankles.

The top of the centipedes is made from a seamless seamless fabric part that adapts the shoes to fit the shape of the legs. Polyurethane inserts are also present to prevent external damage to the boot. Joma Propulsion Lite 711 is designed for playing football on a soft surface. They do not absorb moisture and repel sticking clods of earth thanks to the frame made by Water Resistant technology. The light weight of the bottle makes the model one of the most popular.