Adidas Nemeziz 18+

Adidas Nemeziz 18+ was modeled specifically for a specific football player, Leo Messi, who scored 3 goals at the start of the Champions League at the opponent’s goal. This, although not the most advertised, model of centipedes meets the main rules of the Argentinean game: possession of the ball and maneuverable change of trajectory, which makes it possible to circumvent opponents due to almost one jerk.

The external design of the boot, which looks like a medical bandage, is surprising, but the essence is almost the same: Agility Bandage technology clearly fixes the foot, while the foot feels the ball exactly. And although Messi himself chooses an individual model with lacing, Nemeziz 18+, in accordance with the trends, today are released to the market without lacing. This model is suitable for playing both on natural lawn and on artificial turf. In the reviews, these boots are praised precisely for the reliable fixation of the foot, which greatly reduces injuries.